Are your backups working properly?

Are you sure?

Too many people lose data due to misbehaving backups. We're here to help.

BackupsHQ is the place to manage all your backups and get notified when they fail.

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Three steps to great backups

A dashboard to guide you

All your backups are configured on the dashboard. Specify what to backup, the tools to use, their schedules, destinations, and more.

Not sure how to backup? Use the setup wizard to suggest what backup tool to use and best practices.

An agent to work for you

A tiny agent binary runs on your systems, executing the backups you've configured and reporting the results to the dashboard.

It's open source too!

Notifications to inform you

If a backup fails for whatever reason, you'll get notified. Get notified by email, chat, webhook, and more.

The results of your backups are shown on the dashboard, where you can see logs, duration, and other statistics.

Other cool stuff

Works with everything

BackupsHQ works with all tools and backup destinations, from borg-managed database dumps to encrypted ZFS snapshots sent to S3.


Suggestions to improve your process and remind you of things you might have forgotten.


Ensure your backups are actually working by practising restoring them.


Keep track of failures in your backup process so you can improve.

Team accounts

Work together with your colleagues, friends, and enemies to manage your backups together.


Have a complicated backup procedure, or uncomfortable installing an agent? Use the HTTP API to send your backup results instead. They'll show up on the dashboard just the same.

I needed something to keep track of all the files, databases, and object stores I rely on every day. With BackupsHQ, I have confidence that it's all backed up safely and consistently.

I'm excited to share it with you!

Glynn Forrest, creator of BackupsHQ